Senior Scientist & 

Healthcare Innovator



I am a healthcare and biomedical scientist with more than 20 years of industrial and academic experience. As an interdisciplinary researcher specializing in neuroscience-driven virtual reality applications and digital health technologies, my main research focuses on neurorehabilitation and healthy ageing through medical devices with an emphasis on improving neurological health and rehabilitation. Currently, I am leading the Healthcare Incubator lab at MindMaze, a global leader in brain technology and digital therapeutics for neurorehabilitation.

I am currently carrying out a series of projects to provide titrated therapeutic interventions via ecological virtual reality-based training to restore attentional and executive functions, main cognitive sequelae after acquired brain damage. Personalized treatments are determined through recovery predictors based on multimodal patient profiling from the brain lesion, neuropsychological assessments, game performance and eye tracking information.

An additional research line is a systemic one, the archetype of transdisciplinary projects with country-wide impact. The SwissNeuroRehab and NeuroRehab4EU initiatives strive to implement an effective and efficient patient-centered model of neurorehabilitation along the continuum of care, including telemedicine, in Switzerland, France and Italy. In these projects, I am a member of the Steering committee, representing the interests of implementation and industrial partners.

Career Path

2012 - PRESENT


Senior Science coordinator

2008 - 2012

IDIBAPS & Event-Lab

Postdoctoral Researcher

2006 - 2008

Neuroscience Institute - Universidad Miguel Hernández

Postdoctoral Researcher


Skills & Competences


Virtual reality

Development of immersive VR-based healthcare solutions


Digital Health

Strong research records in software as a medicine



Design of training programs for rehabilitation of deficits after brain lesion


Biosignal processing

Analysis of physiological measures of the human body's functions



Integration of neuroscience-driven protocols into brain technology



Application of EEG for neurofeedback and brain-computer interfaces


Clinical studies

Long-lasting experience in design and implementation of clinical protocols


Project Coordination

More than a decade of experience as principal investigator


Featured Publications

Improving cognition in older adults

A computerized multidomain training program for healthy ageing can improve cognition in older adults at higher risk of cognitive decline. 

Sensitive neurological assessment

Our immersive VR-based task is 30% efficient and sensitive in detecting mild to strong manifestations of unilateral spatial neglect.

Brain-computer interfaces and virtual reality for neurorehabilitation

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) and virtual reality (VR) are two technologic advances that are changing our way of interacting with the world. Merging both technologies into simplified, practical devices may help democratize these technologies. 


Talks & Presentations